Abu Dhabi – A Place of Splendour and Opulence

Abu Dhabi – A Place of Splendour and Opulence

The United Arab Emirates is a thriving part of the world that is playing an increasingly significant role in both international commerce and tourism. One emirate in particular is particularly noteworthy in this growth: Abu Dhabi. It is a prime expatriate location where you can enjoy the weather, world-class entertainment, and fantastic career opportunities. Listed below are just a few of the fantastic aspects Abu Dhabi has to offer.

For Middle Eastern Splendour and Opulence, Choose Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - A Place of Splendour and Opulence

Opportunities for your career

Employment packages for expatriates in Abu Dhabi are known globally for being very lucrative. Some of the premier industries of note in the emirate include the petroleum and petrochemical sector, aviation, construction, textiles, and shipping. Salaries can offer tax exemption packages, which many expatriates see as an alluring draw.


You won’t be working twenty-four hours a day, and nor should you! For your time away from the office, Abu Dhabi offers a lot to see and explore. It boasts museums, shopping, regionally acclaimed festivals, beaches, world-class parks and gardens, and amazing sporting contests- such as F1’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

To experience a taste of Emirati life, there are also fantastic options. There are the souks, desert safaris, dune bashing, camel riding and even pearl diving expeditions. The local mosques also provide a past connection with the region’s past and future- especially when one visits the legendary Sheik Zayed Mosque.

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Family-oriented culture

The city of Abu Dhabi is much receptive than Dubai, the United Arab Emirate’s other premier expat destination, for those searching for a very family friendly environment. For children, life in Abu Dhabi is a breeze. There are visits to the beach, playgrounds, and parks that are especially designed for children. For the parents, there is also the knowledge that your children can attend outstanding international schools as well as join in plenty of enriching organizations to aid their personal development.


Arab is the official language of the emirate, and it should be a goal to learn as much of the native tongue as soon as possible. However, for those having difficulty with the new idiom, this is not a necessity to get by in your first few months in Abu Dhabi. English is widely spoken within the emirate, although it may not be the “Queen’s English.” Nonetheless, many of the locals and expats are at least familiar with common phrases. Another language benefit found in Abu Dhabi is that many of the street signs also have English text. This will definitely ease the transition into becoming accustomed to the local neighbourhoods and shops.

Abu Dhabi - A Place of Splendour and Opulence


Many individuals have reservations about safety concerns in the Middle East. However, these will be quickly put at ease in Abu Dhabi. The vast majority of expats are supremely confident about their level of personal safety here, where petty crime is extremely unusual; serious crime is virtually non-existent.

As an expat, it doesn’t get much better than Abu Dhabi. It is a location where you can make an excellent salary, enjoy a comfortable life, and make the most of this amazing emirate. In Abu Dhabi, you will be able to create marvellous memories by trying new things and having experiences that can only happen in this gem of the UAE.

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