A Behind The Scenes Look At the Recruitment Process In The Gulf

A Behind The Scenes Look At the Recruitment Process In The Gulf

If you’re an expat looking to move to the Gulf, you’ll need a good understanding of how Middle Eastern companies tend to handle the hiring and recruitment process.

There are many factors that differentiate it from your native country and identifying them and modifying them are essential if you want to break into the job market quickly.

Here is a comprehensive look at key factors of the recruitment process in the Gulf for you to contemplate for the future.

7 Adjustments expats make to their CVCV

One of the most significant differences about a CV in the Gulf comes down to the lack of a discrimination law often found in many other countries around the world.

Whereas in specific countries it is illegal for an employer to enquire about your gender, marital status, looks, etc. many companies want to know this in many GCC companies. You will even find positions advertised for “males/females only!”

With this in mind, it is a common occurrence for CVs to have this information on it, including an image of yourself (just a small one) wherever you think is appropriate. Information about your marital and visa status is also usually found on winning CVs within the region.

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Online Job SearchApplicant Tracking System (ATS)

These tools are used to help employers filter job applications for them to sort the relevant from the not so relevant.

They have revolutionised the recruitment and hiring process, making it easier for employers to find the right candidate. It was reported that 40% of companies use ATS in Dubai but overall only 27% in the entire GCC region.

To take advantage of this tool you must understand how the ATS works as a CV that does not have the right words these ATS are looking for will not be marked as relevant, even if you are over experienced for the job.

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social-media-mistakes-expatSocial Media

As an expat, utilising social media will be a critical tool to add to your repertoire. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the kind of social networks for recruitment professionals in the Gulf, with other social media’s extremely important in the vetting process.

74% of recruitment firms indicated they used social media to facilitate in the hiring process with 35% indicating they use it greatly. 

Social media will most likely be the easiest tool you can use to increase your visibility to recruiters in the region. If you want help optimising your profiles, you can read more information about it here.

InterviewEssentialsInterviews & pre-job screening

Unsurprisingly, the interview remains the most popular method companies use to close the hiring process; and in some cases, more than one are required.

Nearly half of all companies will also use a pre-employment test to gauge their knowledge before making the hire with 4/10 using academic certificates as methods in the hiring process.

Other factors GCC countries use in the process are, academic certificates, personality tests, reference checks, pre-screening phone interviews and work samples or portfolios.

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Length Of The Process

It may be longer than what you’re used to, with most companies (7/10) specifying the hiring process can last up to two months.

If you’re an expat, be prepared to go through this process and the likelihood of having to relocate whilst you are in the interview process. 

If you need assistance getting in front of these recruitment professionals, the best way to do that is by either getting in touch with them, or sending them your CV directly.

We can do just that for you, sending your CV to the leading recruitment professional in the region ensuring it sees a pair of human eyes and don’t simply go through automated CV scanners.

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