7 Opportunities By Working in the Gulf

7 Opportunities By Working in the Gulf

Are the opportunities in the Gulf worth exploring further. Learn what working in the Middle East could offer you when compared to your current career path.


One of the great perks for becoming an expatriate in the Gulf States is the great salaries available. Despite the turbulence seen in nearby countries, employment and salaries in the region have remained robust. A vast majority of expatriates claim to possess more disposable income than they ever did back home. Salaries, of course, differ based on experience and industry.


Sick of clouds and rain? The Gulf States possess sunshine almost every day, the entire year. For nine months of the year the weather is near perfect to enjoy all of the region’s outdoor activities and beaches. These nations have a warm, highly pleasant climate during these months. The summer months are typically the only time when the weather can become a significant issue; the temperature during the summer months often go into the 40′s. However, indoor festivals are regularly conducted during these months, especially in the United Arab Emirates. These activities make the heat barely an afterthought.

Luxury Lifestyle


Making ends meet in cities such as Paris, London, or Berlin may leave you in a match-box sized apartment in the city center. This small dwelling is so pricey though that your social life is just not affordable. This does not have to be the case in the Gulf however. With the great wages and a more advantageous cost of living, expats have the chance to live in luxury. You can budget more fun activities and treat yourself to things you otherwise would go without if living elsewhere- such as nannies, landscapers, or domestic help. Also, rather than the sensible sedan you may be driving now, you can unapologetically go for the fun coupe you have been dreaming about!

Tax Free Income

Saving your hard-earned income is always a priority. Living in the Gulf States can oblige this aim, as its nations are known for their tax-free zones. In these zones, you do not need to pay wealth tax or corporate tax; there is even no tax on income too. With the money saved, you can budget more fun activities and treat yourself to the luxuries mentioned above.


As the world continues to evolve, the growth and influence of the Gulf States continues to rise. They are centrally located within this up-and-coming economic hub. With its world class ports, airports and shipping centers, the Gulf States will continue to be at the epicenter of global advancement. Whether you aim to capitalize economically on the great access to the nearby markets, or whether you hope to establish a perfect home base between Asia and Europe, the Gulf State’s travel advantages can’t be beat.



It doesn’t matter how many great things a place can offer if you don’t feel safe living there. Fortunately for residents of the Gulf, it is actually one of the safest regions in the world.  Dubai, for instance, is regularly regarded as being one of the top five safest cities to live in the world. Crime levels are incredibly low. Vigilant police forces and security services also provide great deterrents, ensuring that physical security is in the utmost care.

Gas is Cheap!

Transportation costs are a great incentive to life in the Gulf States. Compared to the West, fuel and vehicle costs are quite cheap. For many expats, purchasing your own automobile can be much more economical than even using public transportation. Other everyday aspects of life can be incredibly affordable as well, including local food, clothing, and nightlife activities.

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