7 Reasons Expats Should Consider Asia

7 Reasons Expats Should Consider Asia

Asia has lured countless expatriates to work, live, and play there. But why do expats love this continent? Check out the reasons below and see for yourself why you too should consider relocating to Asia.

1. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Asia is much lower than in the United State or Europe. In fact, it’s possible to buy or rent a one-bedroom home in some of the most popular areas, such as Chiang Mai in Thailand, for pennies on the dollar compared to other places globally. Food, transportation and entertainment costs are also comparatively less than they are in the West.

2. Delicious Cuisine

Asian food features prominently in many of the most popular international restaurants in the West. Just imagine what the real thing tastes like!  In fact, there are many native dishes that are unavailable in the eateries outside of Asia. Keep in mind, however, that local Asian cuisines, such as Thai or Sichuan, tend to be even spicier than what is offered elsewhere.

Sichuan-style fried chicken

If Asian food isn’t your favorite cuisine, all of these countries still offer comfort food fit for an American or European. Many local markets offer simple pleasures, such as cheese, Italian and French wine and peanut butter. Additionally, there are a diverse selection of restaurants. Japanese sushi, Indian curry, pizza and sandwiches can be found throughout most major Asian cities.

3. Family friendly

The Asian continent has an ingrained value system where the family precedes all else. This makes it an ideal place for raising your family. Not only are jobs less stressful but companies also understand the importance of employees spending time with their loved ones. Moreover, child-care services and child rearing is not only cheaper but also less strenuous; you can easily afford to hire living-in nannies and other assistance.

4. Quality and affordable healthcare

Asia is a popular expat haven that also offers some of the top medical facilities in the world. For instance, India and Thailand are fast becoming hotspots for medical tourism. Healthcare in many countries is either free or dirt cheap by Western standards. For example, the cost of a doctor’s visit in Thailand, with a medical physician working at one of the top hospitals in Asia and who was trained in the United States, is a meager US $5. It is also common that some medications which may be prescription-only in your native country can be easily and cheaply obtained over-the-counter in Asia.


5. Availability of Visas

Visas are more readily available here than in many regions of the globe. These types of visas are valid for a 12-month period and can be renewed without needing to leave the country. This makes living in places such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand extremely easy for expats.

6. Large expat communities

The major cities of Asia all possess sizable expat communities. These include large numbers of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, and Americans living within the continent. Whether you select Phuket, Kuala Lumpur or Shanghai as your eventual destinations, you are sure to find a community of like-minded expatriates who can act as an extension of your family- helping you to assimilate in your new environment.


7. Low Language Barrier

Many locals across Asia speak English well. With a low language barrier, expats can confidently move to any country and deal with the many necessities of relocation, such as finding a home.

If you are willing to take the leap and create a whole new lifestyle for yourself- one that satisfies your sense of adventure as well your career goals – consider moving to Asia.

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