7 of the Most Effective Skype Interview Tips & Tricks

7 of the Most Effective Skype Interview Tips & Tricks

In the new global economy, it has become common for businesses to conduct job interviews via Skype. Skype interviews are a fast, easy and very inexpensive alternative to the traditional interview. However, it can be a tad uncomfortable the first time user because you are online using your computer and a camera. Here are a few tips to help you excel during your next Skype interview.

1. Background

The background of your Skype interview is more important than you think. You goal should be to face your computer toward a simple but not humdrum backdrop setting. A great option is to frame a bookshelf or desk behind you. Also, it is advantageous to give yourself a little depth in the image. Avoid stark white walls as well as brightly colored ones. Avoid busy backgrounds too. Computers can distort colors and can make it difficult for the interviewer to focus.

Woman having a job interview via Skype

 2. Lighting

The lighting is another factor that compliments the background. By having the correct lighting, you will help your interviewer see you at your best and make it easier on their eyes. Overhead lights that are very bright or florescent tend to wash your face out or darken your tone. The best lighting is natural sunlight from a nearby window. Look toward the natural sunlight so that it illuminates your face.

3. Wardrobe

Even though you are having an interview in a less conventional setting does not mean that business interview attire does not apply. Wear what you normally wear for an interview in an office setting. A nice blouse with a jacket for women or a nice shirt with a suit jacket and tie for men is appropriate. (A tip for women: Log onto Skype beforehand to determine how much makeup you will need. Sometimes computer cameras can create the appearance of being fatigued.)

Business women conducting a video job interview over Skype

4. Where to look

Your natural inclination is to look directly at the screen as the interviewer speaks. Instead, try to look up into the computer camera. You and the interviewer should make the interview as close as a person-to-person interview as possible. Looking into the camera will give the effect that you are speaking eye to eye.

 5. Practice

Practice with a friend or family member on Skype. Practice speaking up and looking right into the camera. Test out your interview outfit and background. Make sure your posture is strong and that you keep it throughout the entire interview. Practice makes perfect!

Businessman having a job video interview over Skype

6. Bring notes

One fantastic advantage to a Skype interview is that you do not have to remember every detail that you want to mention. “You can have notes in front of you—without your interviewer knowing,” suggests Ben Cober, the director of business development and research at PGAV Destinations. “Place your resume in front of you, news about the company, questions you want to ask and potential talking points.”

7. Remember to smile

During an in-person interview, most people naturally smile upon arrival. Further, they try to keep a pleasant demeanor during for the whole duration of the proceedings. This is a more difficult task to do during a remote interview. Lacking a “live” person in front of you, you can be sidetracked by thoughts of equipment or cameras. The end result is that you might be less likely to smile intuitively. Make a mental note on remembering to smile, just as gymnasts and figure skaters do during their performances.


Remember these tips for your next Skype interview and you will succeed! A Skype interview is just like any in-person interview. However, it is in the comfort of your own home. Have fun and remember to speak up and smile. Good luck!


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