5 ways to use LinkedIn to Network

5 ways to use LinkedIn to Network

Connections and networking are worth their weight in gold. This is true in most business matters, but especially so if one is attempting to obtain their dream job overseas. Some individuals are lucky enough to have an employer willing to transfer them to a company branch overseas. However, most of us are not that fortunate. Instead of relying on a stroke of luck there are five simple steps one can take to make their dreams a reality; best of all, it can all be accomplished through LinkedIn.

Communicate your Intentions

The first step to finding one’s dream job overseas on LinkedIn is to let your ambitions be known. It may appear obvious; however, if you are seriously looking for a job abroad, the best way to orchestrate this is by letting your contacts understand that you are open to new career opportunities overseas. Create a summary with details of your overseas plans. Similarly, change your account settings to facilitate the items connections can send you.

Join Groups

The second step in maximizing LinkedIn for overseas opportunities is to create a network of like-minded professionals. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by joining the various groups found on LinkedIn. Once you have joined some groups, start interacting with its members and participating in the group’s discussions. Ask questions to the other group members or even enquire about job opportunities in their regions. The objective is to add valuable connections rather than creating as many connections as possible.

LinkedIn provides great resources. One of these great tools is the ability to find out about job openings anywhere in the world. You don’t have to move first to find one’s next career. LinkedIn even lets member apply directly to job openings by clicking the “Apply Now” button. Job searchers are able to add a cover letter and resume to their profile, making it simple and convenient to search.

Follow Companies

LinkedIn is more than making connections with individuals; it also enables the ability to follow the news updates of companies around the world. When you review a company profile, you will be able to find out if you have any connections with any of its staff members. If you do not possess any, you can attempt to join more groups where you will be more likely to discover them. Remember, it is easier to add a connection with someone who is in the same group as you. Click on “Follow Company” to receive the firm’s news updates directly onto your home page.

Connect, Connect, Connect!

In order to contact someone directly who is not yet a contact, you have two options. One option is to get introduced through a connection, become a connection by joining a group where you will find this person. If this is unobtainable, one can also utilize one of your InMails, if available. If a connection can still not be made through these means, all is not lost. Through LinkedIn, you now have a name and job title for a prospective employer. With this information, one can search the internet for their company email address. This is one of the best avenues to get a job, although it is still essential to send your resume as well as to also send a well written covering letter.

LinkedIn Answers

Finally the best way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to promote your expertise. This can be accomplished by helping and contributing to discussions either in one of the groups you joined or by answering questions on LinkedIn Answers. It can be a fantastic way to gain the attention of a future employer. Further, one can promote oneself by add some of the applications feature on your profile. This can include adding links to your websites and work portfolio. Similarly, you can also directly add your blog posts, your tweets and other forms of online presence. Individuals can display a creative portfolio or even share presentations without even leaving your LinkedIn profile. This is an opportunity to shine so make the best of the opportunity.


Make sure you are using LinkedIn to leverage its networking capabilities. Try the first five steps we recommend and you’re well on your way to networking professionally. Make sure you also keep your profile constantly updated so that you allow your connections to have a good overview of who you are and what you have achieved. By updating your status a couple of times each week with relevant updates you’ll showcase yourself as a professional at the top of your game. Make sure you upload your CV at TeleportMyJob and let our networking experts ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to scratch. We will provide a free LinkedIn appraisal to ensure your profile is representing you in the best possible way before you embark on your networking endeavors. Login to your profile now – upload my CV now.


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