5 Ways to Increase Profile Views by Recruiters on LinkedIn

5 Ways to Increase Profile Views by Recruiters on LinkedIn

If you are looking to capture the attention of trolling recruiters online, there is no better way to do so than on LinkedIn.

But with so many other users now on it (over 330 million) how can you stand out from the crowd?

Here are 5 quick tips on how to increase your profile views to make it easier for recruiters and headhunters to find you. 

  1. linkedin_updatesShare Updates

When sharing an update on LinkedIn, it goes out to all of your connections via their respective homepage of LinkedIn. Updates are an effective way to increase profile views as it has the ability to give your profile visibility beyond just your connections. How?

When you share an update, it is only viewable to your connections. However, as soon as someone interacts with it, either by liking, commenting or sharing your update, it can then be seen by their connections. This means your profile is now visible to not only yours but their connections as well. The more people that interact with your update, the more people it can potentially reach.

Recruiters are looking for candidates who are knowledgeable within their field and by sharing insightful updates, it is a great way to do demonstrate this. Share something provocative that’s happening within your industry and comment on it with your opinion. It will be sure to garner a response and intrigue as to who posted such an update.

  1. Join/Participate in Group Discussions

Profile viewsGroup discussions are another way to show your are an industry thought leader. Although many groups have become somewhat redundant now as everyone knows their networking and profile visibility potential, if you can find authentic groups with genuine interaction it is a fantastic way to increase profile views from people you are not connected with. According to LinkedIn, active group memebers receive 4x the amount of profile views than non-active members.

This is also important for headhunters and recruiters to find you, as it will improve your ranking in the search engine if you are in the same group as them. When searching for someone on LinkedIn you can only find those within your network, which comprises of 1st, 2nd, 3rd connections – as well as group members.

You may not be connected with headhunters directly, but if you are a member of the same group, then that will increase the likelihood of being found by headhunters.

  1. Editing your LinkedIn profile.Update your Profile

It may sound simple, but I will always update something on my profile every couple of weeks. Even if it is something as small as adding a new skill, changing my profile picture, it all helps. Every update to you profile you post (if you have this setting turned on) is shared to your network.

It is a friendly reminder to any one of your connections that you are still their, potentially looking for a job.

  1. LinkedIn-EndorsementsEndorse People

This is a win win. By endorsing people, you are saying they have the appropriate skill. It is somewhat of LinkedIn etiquette to endorse those who have endorsed you; so many times they will visit your profile and endorse you for a skill.

Not only have you acquired another profile view and hopefully made an impression, but you have also added more skills to your profile, something that looks a lot better when someone comes and visits your profile.

  1. Connect with more headhunters and recruiters

It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people forget probably the most important factor when looking to obtain profile views from those people that matter the most.

As mentioned before, if you are connected to headhunters and recruiters directly, this will increase your rankings within their keyword searches, but by connecting with them as well, this will ensure all of the actions you undertake above, they will have the potential to see all of it. Think of it as a friendly nudge every now and then saying, “hey, look at me!”

The above suggestions are based upon the assumption you have a 100% complete profile. Although these suggestions help complete your profile more, without adequate recommendations, appropriate keywords on your profile and sections filled out, you will limit your ability to be found dramatically. 

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