5 Things Sam Smith Can Teach Us About Our Job Search

5 Things Sam Smith Can Teach Us About Our Job Search

Sam Smith has become a global sensation. One of the most popular artists currently, he was the only artist to sell 1 million copies of his album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ in both the US and UK.

You may think being a pop artist and landing your dream job are worlds apart, but in principle, they are very similar.

Sam Smith has landed his dream job; and we can learn a lot from him to land ours. Here are the principles that allowed him to land his, and how it relates to your job hunt.


Since an early age, Sam had his heart set on being a pop star. He spent hours training everyday with vocal coaches and practicing whenever he had a spare moment. He reports one of is most utilised locations to practice was in the car on the way to school.

If you want to earn your dream job, whatever it may be, you will need an unfathomable dedication towards the cause. Set goals and find time to practice or research potential trends affecting the industry or that specific position.  


As a professional, you will most likely not land that dream job first time around. You will receive setbacks, fail at the application stage, fail at the interview stage, but that should not deter you. There will be some reason it was not meant to be. Maybe your CV was not up to scratch or they are simply looking for someone with more experience? In time, that will change.

Sam Smith started writing songs in school when he was just 16. After numerous failed attempts to break onto the ‘big stage’ he persevered and at 21 became one of the best artists in the world.

Whether it takes 5 years like Sam or 10-15, perseverance it key. Particularly after numerous failed attempts, those failed applications or interviews show an employer just how much you want the position, a trait you can’t teach.

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Have an ‘x-factor’

In a market that is extremely saturated with thousands of people vying for the same position having something unique to offer is vital. Relentless research about the market will help you become more educated about the industry and trends currently affecting it. If you have options to how to prevent the impact or leverage its impact then that is going to increase your chances ten-fold.

For Sam, his soulful voice attracted immediate attention. He is said to always been able to sing high, but once his voice broke, he worked incredibly hard to keep that range. He knew it offered something unique, so worked hard to keep it.


Sam Smith didn’t just come out of nowhere, he leveraged his networks for an ‘in’ and networking as a professional is equally important.

His first hit, “Latch” came as collaboration with Disclosure. Despite him being shocked at how successful it was, it was this contact that spring boarded him onto the music scene.

Networking can be the fastest way to both land a job, and gain insight into the best way to do so. Go to networking events or ask friends to introduce you to someone in the industry. Take them for coffee, pick their brain, but most of all, do not ask for a job! Try to make an impression; if you make enough of an impression hopefully the rest will take care of itself.

Do your research.Internet Presence

Sam would not be where he is right now without his Internet presence. Sure, the pop culture and the world we live in today glorifies icons such as Sam Smith and artists alike, but it just highlights the significance of the online world. 

Having an online presence is equally important when searching for a job. With 94% of headhunters and recruiters using social media to screen candidates for positions not having one would be a serious mistake. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s influence in sourcing candidates means it is essential not only to have a LinkedIn account, but also have one effectively optimised to help you be found by more recruiters and compete with the 350million other people on this platform.

You must ensure you are 1). Easily found, 2). Present yourself in the right way on your profiles 3). Have other profiles to back up the likes of your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and present yourself as a leading professional in your position. That is how you can effectively use the online sphere to capture the job you’ve always desired.

Overall, it was his ability to do all of these at the same time. In a multichannel environment it has become essential to attack your job hunt from all angles.

It has become an incredibly time consuming process, as updating your LinkedIn, Twitter, CV and then applying for jobs on a bespoke level can take the time of a full time job itself. But like Sam, it will be all worth it in the end.

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