5 Common Statements Jobseekers Make (That Are Wrong!)

5 Common Statements Jobseekers Make (That Are Wrong!)

Finding a job is difficult. With so much information out there, you are constantly having to make judgement calls on what information to believe and what not to believe.

However, there exists a big problem with job seekers who are unwilling to listen to the advice of others.

Rightly so, with so much ordinary advice available, you have to be firm with your stance and stay true to your own brand. But that does not mean you are closed off to what people tell you. 

Even I am guilty of it. When I was looking for a job, I was sure what I was doing was right and what people were suggesting was wrong. The hardest thing to do was put my personal agenda aside and listen to them without bias. 

The advice other people give you is invaluable. It is the subjective advice you require and are merely suggestions based upon how it reads, how it sells you and in a way, giving you perspective of how it may read when in the hands of a recruiter.

Maybe you are guilty of it too? Here are the top five opinions jobseekers (including me) tell themselves when searching for a job.

Why am I not receiving phone calls to my applications? My CV Is Perfect

One of the things I’m sure you have most likely heard is the job market is extremely competitive. To compete, you want to stand out from the crowd, do something different on your CV perhaps to help it be noticed from all of the others.

I’ve come across CVs that are in colour, have pictures in them, diagrams, quotes and large bold lettering to name a few. When I ask them why, usually their reply is “to help my CV stand out from the others.”

In reality however, such methods are neither helping you stand out from the crowd or getting you closer to a job.

Why? Because many CVs go through automation tools before a pair of eyes are actually laid on it. If you include pictures and diagrams on your CV, it is not allowing these automation tools to pick up certain keywords recruiters have identified as necessary for the position; which, in turn marks your CV as irrelevant.

Of course, there is no ‘perfect CV’, but there are poor ones.

Listen to the recommendations of those in the know. A different CV can be a great way to standout, but only if you can guarantee it is going to be read.

For the most part, however, you can make your CV standout and portray your personal brand with clever and articulate writing, not with images/colours.

LinkedIn Doesn’t Work, I’ve Been On It For A Year And No One Has Contacted Me

LinkedIn is the single most used social network available to headhunters and recruiters. It outnumbers their nearest competitor by nearly 40% and I can assure you, it definitely does work.

It simply depends on how you are using it. Just because you are on LinkedIn does not guarantee appropriate recruiters will find you. Maybe your profile is not optimised enough to be found within the search engine? 

Like CVs, LinkedIn uses an algorithm to help identify those relevant profiles. Keywords, completion of your profile, connections and activity are all areas relevant to this algorithm and vital to its functionality if you want to be found.

Nail these, and LinkedIn will become a platform of opportunities.

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I Don’t Need To Worry About My Personal Brand. If I Am Good Enough For The Position, They Will Hire Me

I agree and don’t agree with this statement. Here is the part I agree with:

“If I am good enough for the position, they will hire me.” Of course. A company would never hire anyone who wasn’t.

The part I don’t agree with: 

“I don’t need to worry about my personal brand.”

The digital age has revolutionised the job-hunting process for recruiters and headhunters, with a greater amount of information accessible than ever before.

When recruiters are researching a potential candidate, they will almost 100% conduct a Google search of their name. “What does the Internet have to say about, Joe Blogg?”

Here you have a choice. Do you want them to find information about your private life, maybe some pictures of you at the beach with friends or at a party? Or information enforcing your academic and professional credentials?

You have a choice, and although you can never really delete information from the Internet, you can bury it. Bury it with information you decide to upload such as professional platforms and profiles. Make sure your personal social media’s are set to private and are not indexed within search engines like Google.

Ensure your personal brand is streamlined across all platforms, CVs and cover letters. Personal branding isn’t confined to just social media, your personal brand is what you represent in general so ensuring the message is the same on your CV is paramount.

Upon landing on the professional information you have positioned within Google, it will hopefully give the recruiter confidence that you are the right candidate for the vacancy. From there, they will then invite you for a conversation and interview process.

Your personal brand will assist in you getting the interview. Your skills and personality will get you the job.

I’ve Applied For The Job Online With No Response. They Must Not Think I’m Relevant

As I have mentioned earlier in the post, oftentimes, a pair of human eyes may not actually see your application. So don’t feel disheartened if you are not called for an interview. This doesn’t mean they think you’re irrelevant.

Online CVIn actuality, even though you may be a perfect fit, the way such automation tools are designed, they can mistakenly mark you as irrelevant. This is why it is always advisable to find a number of the person who posted the job.

It is a lot more difficult to reject an email than a phone call and that extra effort of finding a number and ringing them up never goes unnoticed. You can prompt them to view your CV and let them make a judgement call whether you would be a good fit… not a computer. 

If you aren’t receiving calls for further interviews, it may not mean you aren’t good enough, it might just mean your applications may not be effective enough.

Always try finding the contact information to whoever may be responsible for the job. Even if they have filled the position or don’t think you are quite right, maybe they have another opening which they think you will be. 

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I Don’t Need To Network

Have you heard of something called the hidden job market? It’s a term used to reference all of the positions not advertised publicly.

It is speculated that over 50% of all jobs aren’t actually advertised publicly, with either headhunters sourcing such jobs on the companies behalf or companies hiring internally. 

For this very reason it is essential you need to network with likeminded professionals and also with relevant headhunters. If you network correctly, you will be giving yourself access to over 50% of those jobs that you haven’t found on job websites. 

If you need help tapping into this hidden job market, we can send your CV to the relevant headhunters and recruiters in your desired location. Upload your CV to your profile and view our reach out services and what would be more beneficial for you.

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