5 Reasons Why Twitter May Be The Best Platform To Land Your Next Job

5 Reasons Why Twitter May Be The Best Platform To Land Your Next Job

It is widely known that in today’s age of digital recruitment, having a strong online presence is an essential part of a successful job hunt strategy.

Many professionals will have a LinkedIn profile, as it is easily the most popular professional networking tool of them all. But did you know 54% of recruiters use Twitter to vet candidates as well?

The recent redesign last year have caused many people to believe it will become a pivotal player in the online recruitment scene as it is quickly becoming one of the best vehicles to land your dream job. Here are 5 influential reasons as to why:

Represents Your Influence

What’s more impressive than searching for a candidate and seeing they have over 10,000 followers? More importantly, the fact that your tweets are being favourited and retweeted often is a sure sign that people genuinely hold your opinion in high regard.

This type of status on twitter takes a lot of time and dedication. It does not simply happen over night but if you are willing to put the effort it, it becomes worthwhile in the end, a lot easier to maintain than in the beginning.

Know what to Tweet.Shows You are Relevant

This has been Twitter’s long-standing advantage over other social media’s. It is the best medium to demonstrate you are keeping up with everything that is happening within your industry, simply because you can post more regularly than other accounts.

If you post too much on LinkedIn or Facebook, you risk alienating yourself from your followers, however, Twitter’s fast paced news feed allows you to post more frequently. This shows positively on your profile as it gives a recruiter confidence that you are up to speed with the political, financial, social concerns affecting your industry and one that might have relevance to a specific vacancy.

Real-Time Job posting

It is this constant flow of news which makes Twitter an effective and most up-to-date and real time jobs board. A central portal that gives companies the ability to post their most recent jobs instantly means that providing you are following the right twitter profiles, you can stay updated on any new listings as soon as they are posted.

This may require you to follow the right people so our friends at talent HQ have compiled a list if the most influential recruiters on twitter for us here.

However, many companies also have a dedicated company page for jobs. Here is an example of some companies such as EY, Disney & PepsiCO

Regardless of following the right people or not, using certain #hashtag searches can enable you to find vacancies from all over the world.

international-social-media-holds-opportunities--risks-for-org_16001162_800842127_0_0_14057469_500Offers a Unique Ability to Stand Out

We’ve proven how many of the worlds top companies are using twitter to post jobs, but did you know that only 34% of job seekers use Twitter to find a job? So in this saturated market, where standing out is very difficult, Twitter presents itself as a platform of opportunity.

Reply to their job via Twitter, interact with them, favourite their tweets to help put yourself on the map. If it is feedback you have been looking for, Twitter might be one of the few media that will allow it due to the saturation of applicants coming through this platform being comparably lower than LinkedIn and Jobs board.

Twitters Redesign Makes it more Recruitment Friendly

Twitter’s new redesign makes it easier for recruitment agencies to target and identify candidates with the “best tweet” and “pinned tweet” functions, highlighting what is their most popular tweets. This speeds up the vetting process for a recruiter enabling them to identify whether you are suitable quicker than the previous user interface.

Similarly, it can be easier for a job seeker to identify a company’s most popular job or job posting. A win-win for both sides.

Twitter is becoming more prevalent among the social recruitment spheres. Ensure it is part of your social media strategy both whilst in a job and out to maximise the chances of being approached by headhunters and recruiters in the future.

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