5 Outdated Job Search Techniques To Avoid

5 Outdated Job Search Techniques To Avoid

The job market has changed. So should your approach. Ensure you are not making these pivotal mistakes when applying for your new job.

1. Only Applying online

The consensus in today’s public opinion is that you must apply online to have the greatest chance at finding employment.  However, this belief is fool’s gold. This assertion has been confirmed by a director of Human Resources at a very reputable Fortune 500 corporation. When an individual applies online, they are competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of other online applicants. Typically, all these submissions appear the same. This makes the online option too much of a hit-or-miss way to go about employment. To get ahead of the competition, find out who the hiring manager is at the organizations you aspire to join. Upon confirming who these persons are, drop them a line. A telephone call or an email is a far more attractive way of standing out from the crowd than filling out an online form. Writing a letter and mailing your resume is another clever option. Remember to make these items professional and unique, and address it to the person who will be making the hiring decision. By accomplishing this, you have just leap-frogged over the hundreds of cookie-cutter online submissions.

2. Sending out multitudes of unsolicited applications

This is a tactic employed by many individuals, particularly who are college graduates just entering the job market. Like all novice efforts, it is not particularly effective. The mass-mailers are typically fruitless and can waste a ton of your time and money. Further, this tactic irritates hiring managers; these resumes usually end up in the trash. There’s nothing wrong with showing initiative, but don’t think that sending out “junk mail” is a way to demonstrate this.

3. Applying for more jobs to increase employment odds

This is another common error. The logic used by those who attempt this technique is that if they apply for more jobs, they are more likely to get more interviews; this presumably will lead to more chances of getting hired. This is generally unsound logic though, as it is typically done in an inappropriate manner. To conduct this sort of massive application approaches, one is typically sending off generic cover letters and resumes to every job. By sending these sorts of documents, you will likely fail to get noticed by any of the hiring managers. Smarter approaches need to be used to become coveted. A better technique to use is to select the jobs you really want. Next, write cover letters and resumes that are tailor-made for those positions. This will require that you do your homework. This means you should find out everything you can about the role, and make an application that cannot be ignored. You will not be relying on chance any more. In the contemporary job market, quality far exceeds quantity.

4. Relying on one job search technique

Top jobs boards such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com can be helpful tools in an employment search. However, these websites should not be the only tools at your disposal in the search. This is the age of digital networking; use all of these sources to your advantage.  Exploit other platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, job forums, Google groups, and so many more. The perfect position could be lurking inside any one of them.

5. Refusing to change careers

The days are gone when people stay at the same company for thirty years. And with the constant evolution of the workforce due to changes in technology, new careers are popping up all the time. These new fields of employment can apply skill sets and techniques that are similar to what you are familiar with. Don’t rule out these prime opportunities simply because some re-learning will be required.


By making simple changes to your job search routine, you could rapidly reap the rewards and beat the fierce competition in today’s jobs market. Embrace multiple job search techniques and customise each application towards the role available. It will immediately demonstrate you have taken the time to learn more about the role and the company and you will be viewed favourably by the recruiter. At Teleport My Job you can appoint your own Personal Job Hunt Manager who can take care of this for you. We can also provide a free LinkedIn appraisal to ensure you profile is representing you in the best possible light. Visit the site to find out more – TeleportmyJob.

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