5 LinkedIn Tips to Boost Your Career Opportunities

5 LinkedIn Tips to Boost Your Career Opportunities

No social network is more advantageous for professional purposes than LinkedIn. Learn the five best tips to boost your LinkedIn networking potential and enhance your career opportunities.

1). Expand Your Network with People Search

When networking, there is strength in numbers. The larger your network is increases the scope and reach of finding a career opportunity that suits your skill set and experience. With millions of individuals on LinkedIn, finding new connections may seem unnerving. That’s where LinkedIn’s People Search comes in to assist.

Find this feature by choosing “People” from the drop-down menu; then click the magnifying glass. You’ll see multiple helpful filters on the left side of the screen. These include location, industry, current company, past company and school. Use these filters to narrow your search criteria. Connect with individuals who you perceive can provide valuable leads and whom you are willing to devote time toward forging future relationships with.

LinkedIn advanced people or company search.

2). Discover New Companies with Company Search

If you’re looking for a new career, you probably know the type of company and industry you would want to work for. Narrow your job search by using another of LinkedIn’s search functions, Company Search. Find this by selecting “Companies” from the search bar at the top; then click on the magnifying glass. In Company Search you can narrow results by location, industry, size and whether they’re currently hiring via LinkedIn. If you find a relevant company, you can follow it for updates and new job vacancies.

LinkedIn advanced company search.

3). Clear your inbox

Make sure that your LinkedIn Inbox is clear. Respond to messages and connection requests to show people who reach out to you. This shows that you are eager to build and nurture professional relationships, and it can also give an impression on your responsiveness for potential workplace duties. Be sure to stay formal-but-friendly in all of your replies.

Linkedin inbox on a mobile app.

4). Update your profile

It is essential to maintain and review your own profile. Treat your profile like you would a resume, adding new experiences and certifications as they arise. Stay up-to-date on every aspect, even regarding profile pictures if you have changed your appearance.

When it comes to endorsements, for instance, make sure they express the personal brand you want to demonstrate to others.  For example, if someone has endorsed you for a skill related to a former career or a skill you no longer want to pursue, it’s okay to delete that skill from your list. If there are skills you’d like to be endorsed for, go ahead and add those yourself even if no one has endorsed you for them yet. You can even reorganize your skills to put the most relevant ones on top.

Editing your LinkedIn profile.

5). LinkedIn Groups

Post some thoughts on a Featured Discussion or do a search on your areas of interest and comment on a discussion related to that subject matter. To get the largest return on your time investment, you should consider to post a discussion yourself. Asking a simple, professionally relevant question generally attracts the most comments. If you are in the marketing industry, this may include a question such as “What is your favorite marketing techniques?” If you’re in the tech industry, ask about what trends experts are expecting in the next year.

LinkedIn Groups.

Great career opportunities are few and far between. Maximise your prospects to acquire one of these by taking full advantage of LinkedIn. Follow these tips and boost your profile recognition instantly.


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