5 CV Lies That Can Cost You An Interview

5 CV Lies That Can Cost You An Interview

Have you ever been tempted to lie on your CV to help it look more attractive to headhunters, recruiters and hiring managers? It can be easy to fabricate details in order for it to look more attractive to those in charge of the hiring process – particularly after months of unsuccessful job interviews.

However, you are not alone. According to the Telegraph, approximately one in five jobseekers have lied on their CV. Even some of the most successful professionals have done it, including Yahoo’s former CEO, Scott Thompson who was accused of fabricating his degree qualifications when applying on his CV. Although he wasn’t fired, he did resign over the row a year later.

Consequences can be serious. Lying on your CV can not only result in firing from your position but also – in some instances – a prison sentence like Liv Løberg found out, sentenced to 14 months in prison for lying about her tertiary education.

job-interview-tips Other consequences include:

  • Public humiliation
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Lack of recommendations from employers
  • Loss of job
  • Cause you to lie more to cover up the initial lie
  • Loss of integrity
  • Assignment to tasks you are not capable of completing

Even stretching employment periods to make it look like you were not out of a job for as long are considered lies on your CV. Here are the most common fibs people lie about on their CV to help them secure an interview and job:

  1. Stretching Dates of Employment – to outweigh the negative impact of having many positions less than a year on your resume, people tend to extend the time they worked there to also cover up unemployment months. Start off on the right foot and be honest. If your future employer can’t understand you were made redundant or took time off to raise your children then the employer may not be suitable.
  2. Inflating Past Accomplishments and Skills – It can be easy to simply make up a number, but be sure to get the actual number rather than making one up. It can make for an embarrassing meeting when they ring your previous employer fro proof.
  3. Enhancing Title & Responsibilities – Usually HR Managers will always check with previous employers. If you were a lucky one in your last job, don’t be so sure you will be lucky twice around.
  4. Exaggerating Education and Degrees – One of the most common lies to gain a higher salary. Usually this has the largest consequences associated with it.
  5. Providing False References – To guarantee a positive reference you may be coerced into asking a friend or relative to pose as your employer. This can back fire on both parties negatively and jeopardise both jobs.

Although these are common lies many professionals may not think are significant they can all jeopardise future positions.

This highlights the importance of hiring a professional CV developer to extract the appropriate information and making it sound appealing without embellishing the truth.

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