5 Big Relocation Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

5 Big Relocation Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

Relocating is an exciting venture. With all the changes going on around you, however, you might run the risk of losing sight of what are truly the most important aspects of your life. Do not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of moving you and your family. Keep these five common relocation mistakes in mind to lead to the best possible outcome for you and your family.

1. Not knowing what’s in your personal interest

Be sure to consider all the factors which influence your life. This means to include all members of your family and friends in your decision-making process. When people think about relocating they tend to think almost solely about what they will gain by going to the new locale; however, people are more psychologically affected by what we lose. Is the loss of personal contact with close family and friends worth the better paycheck? If your spouse or child seems unlikely to adjust to the new location, is the move really in your best interest? If one location does not suit your family, perhaps this means you should consider other foreign destinations.

2. Not considering the commute

Considering the commute

The commute, surprisingly, is a major factor in the happiness level of families. Think about a time when you had to spend over an hour in an unpleasant commute; didn’t this dampen your mood for the rest of the day? If you move to take a position in an environment with either extreme traffic (think Bangkok) or a remote outpost (think an oil company branch in the middle of nowhere), are you prepared for the burden this may have on your day-to-day affairs? Mentally prepare for how you will make travelling possible. Perhaps look into public transportation options, or other forms of transportation.

3. Don’t overestimate the raise

Many relocations are taken because a new position offers greater economic rewards for the individuals. However, a bigger salary does not guarantee greater comfort or happiness. A transfer to a major metropolis may have greater numeric worth, but the cost of living can be vastly larger than you possess elsewhere. Take a practical look into how your finances will be affected, and be sure you have a general plan before arrival in your new home.

Vital location considerations, Dubai, UAE

4. Don’t overlook vital location factors

No individual is exactly the same, with the same priorities. If you have children, the quality of education can be a humongous factor. If you have dietary customs and preferences, this can also a challenge in some locations; if you love pork barbeque and beer, a move to Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be your best fit. Look into these seemingly trivialities and understand what you may have to give up with a move; but also take into account all the new things that you will have the possibility to replace them with as well!

5. Not hiring the right international moving company

The safety of your belongings is crucial when you are moving abroad.  Take time to research all potential international moving companies. As your belongings will be shipped far away, it is critical that you choose an experienced and professional moving company. Make sure to arrange all the procedures with the movers on time, so to find out what services they offer and what you will have to arrange yourself. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest relocation agent available; however, be wary of companies providing ridiculously low estimates. Also make sure that the chosen removal company is fully insured and licensed, and that it ensures that your belongings are fully insured before the move.


Over the years there have been plenty of common mistakes made by expatriates moving abroad. Don’t fall prey to these simple but vastly crucial elements of the relocation process. Avoid these five mistakes and make the most of your decision to go abroad. By performing due diligence, moving abroad will become a far more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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