4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upload Your CV To Your LinkedIn

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upload Your CV To Your LinkedIn

One of the most common mistakes job searching professionals make on their LinkedIn account, uploading your CV to your LinkedIn profile can actually harm the chances of you being headhunted via this powerful platform.

Despite the ease at which you are able to do it, you may misunderstand the “add media” section as an invite to upload your CV. Don’t be tempted as it can be one of the most common mistakes you can make as a professional and here are 4 reasons why.

linkedin_slide2_copy121. Privacy

Your CV is supposed to be a semi-private document whom you only allow those you choose to view it. Knowing your LinkedIn profile is public you can withhold key and personal information you do not wish to disclose.

By uploading your CV – a document that usually has this key information – you risk revealing a lot of personal information that becomes accessible on the internet.

Identity theft is alive and well; with Facebook reporting that there are nearly 83 million fake profiles exist on LinkedIn. Protect your most important information, as well as your most important job-seeking document.

2. Desperate

Recruiters want to hire top candidates for the vacancies they have. They don’t want to hire desperate candidates. Nothing says desperate more than uploading your CV to your profile.

We understand the squeeze that can be created when you are without a job for some time. But you can go about illustrating this in different ways than uploading your CV.

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However, as Shauna C. Bryce mentioned; “By publicly screaming, “I’m looking for a job!” you are simultaneously announcing that you are not a top candidate. Your LinkedIn profile needs to showcase your value and appeal, not your (real or perceived) desperation.

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3. You Neglect the Main Strength of a CV

The main strength of a CV is tailoring it to fit the job details for the application. So by posting a generic CV to your profile defeats the very purpose of an effective CV. 

4. Leave Them With Nothing Left to Find Out

By uploading your CV to your LinkedIn profile, you give the recruiter everything they need to know about you as a professional. But is this not what your LinkedIn profile should illustrate? No.

You want your LinkedIn profile to be a teaser to encourage the recruiter to get in touch. It is this contact you want to be instigated as it will then give you an opportunity not only to send your CV to them, but explain anything that they may question at first glance. 

After them making contact with you, it becomes a professional obligation on their part to respond so use the opportunity to seek feedback if by chance you end up not being the candidate they are looking for.

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