10 reasons expats should choose Asia!

10 reasons expats should choose Asia!

Over the years, Asia has lured countless expatriates to work, live, and have fun there. Being one of the top expat destinations, why do expats love this continent? Check out the reasons below and see for yourself why you should consider relocating to Asia.

1. Economic opportunities abound

While North America and much of Europe still lingers in low and near zero growth rates, Asian countries have experienced considerable growth in recent years. Increased growth coincides with an increasing demand for western expertise to aid in this development.

There are ample opportunities for expats in emerging economies throughout the region. This is especially true for native English speakers. Long-respected powerhouses such as China and Japan still attract expatriates looking to further their career and land positions associated with lucrative salaries.

Many other Asian markets, however, are also beginning to emerge as important places of business for multinational companies. Examples include Chenoa in South Korea, which is strategically located in an area where several technology companies have operations. Over the past decades, Pune in India has developed into an education hub and is home to IT, high-tech industries, and automobile manufacturing.

Considering the earning potential, higher levels of disposable income, and satisfaction with the economic outlook, expats living in Asia notice an improvement in their financial status upon moving and are more satisfied with the state of the economy in their host country.

2. Cost of living

The low cost of living in Asia is certainly a game changer. For most goods, services and entertainment, you may pay as low as one-quarter of what you would pay back in your home country. Most Asian nations also have lower tax rates than Western states.

In many countries like China, you can spend less than $20 a day while still maintaining a high standard of living; this includes eating out, meeting friends for cocktails, and taking taxis to all of your destinations. If you live in Southeast Asia, in expat-friendly destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia, you can look forward to spending $10 or less each day. What a bargain!

3. Family-friendly

The Asia continent has an ingrained value system where the family precedes all else. This makes it an ideal place for raising your family. Not only are jobs less stressful but companies also understand the importance of employees spending time with their loved ones. Moreover, child-care services and child rearing is not only cheaper but also less strenuous; you can easily afford to hire living-in nannies and other assistance.

4. Education

Along with the family-first theme mentioned above, Asia also caters to child development with fantastic education options. These developing countries have some exceptional international schools with high quality education. Your children can continue to learn in English, while also being in a fantastic environment to learn the host country’s native tongue and its unique culture.

4. Quality and affordable healthcare

Asia is a popular expat haven that also offers top medical facilities in the world. Healthcare in many countries is either free or dirt cheap by Western standards. For example, the cost of a doctor’s visit in Thailand, a medical physician working at one of the top hospitals in Asia and who was trained in the US, is a meager US $5.

It is also common that some medications which may be prescription-only in your home country can easily and cheaply be acquired over-the-counter in Asia. Thanks to the high-quality care consorted with affordability, India and Thailand are fast becoming hotspots for medical tourism.

5. Large expat communities

The major centres for commerce and trade in Asia all possess significant expat communities. These include large numbers of Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, and Americans living within the continent. Whether you select Yangon, Ulaanbaatar or Harbin as your eventual destinations, you are sure to find a community of like-minded expatriates who can act as an extension of your family, helping you to adapt and thrive in your new environment.

6. Affordable luxury accommodations

You can live an exponentially more luxurious life in Asia. Given the high salaries that expats command, not only can you enjoy the perks of living in a world-class luxury condo with a pool, or a large estate with amenities such as golf courses, parks, and nature trails. You can even afford to hire an army of maids and personal assistants to help you out, without breaking the bank, in locales such as Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and even Singapore.

7. Expat pedigree

While appearances and stereotypes should not be a decisive reason to move across the globe, it can come as a pleasant perk. In Asia, as an expat you will automatically be given status. You will be looked up to as a Westerner and given respect. In general, Asian people are friendly and welcoming and they will respect you as long as you treat them with respect in turn.

8. Fantastic cuisine

Food is one of the most wondrous things about living in Asia. Whether you are sampling cheap street fare in Bangkok, or enjoying fine dining in Shanghai, the cuisine you will find will be delicious, and at times life-altering.

9. Great transportation options

In parts of the Western world, driving is a daily requirement to get things done. With a move to the major metropolises of Asia, you don’t really need a car; it can simply be a nice luxury. Further, monthly auto insurance is not a requirement in many of these nations. The public transportation systems in these commercial centres are not only well developed but very cheap.

10. Broaden your cultural awareness

You are going to learn more than you ever imagined by participating in Asia’s daily life. New ways of living will start to make sense and you’ll find new foods and customs that you can longer live without. Your understanding of history and culture will be shaken up with new perspectives, and you will meet people who never would have crossed your path otherwise. This is a time for you to make new connections and to reinvent yourself.

If you are willing to take the leap and create a whole new lifestyle for yourself- one that satisfies your sense of adventure as well your career goals – consider moving to Asia.

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